Facebook Lead Ads are a new way for businesses to capture leads directly from a Facebook ad. Instead of sending the ad viewer to a website with a lead capture form. However, Facebook makes it possible to capture the user’s information from within the ad itself.

Real-time Lead Generation For Your business

This feature allows real-time lead capture for businesses that want to respond quickly and directly to prospective customers. Sounds great, right? So how would you feel if we told you that Lead Ads are also an excellent investment for your business?

Using Facebook Lead ads can save your business time and money. If you’re a business looking to get leads quickly and accurately, then investing in Lead Ads can be a game-changer.

Five Reasons to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Here are five things you may not realize about Lead Ads that illustrate why they are such an essential investment for modern businesses:

1 – Lead ads are perfect for mobile customers.

Let’s face it, directing a person from an advertisement to a website creates leakage – you’re going to lose a few people along the way. Most sites don’t translate well to mobile, but a simple form that Facebook pre-fills with contact information is quick and easy.

Smartphone users spend more than four hours a day on their phone, and they’re becoming accustomed to using their phones for everything from finding contractors to ordering a pizza. Facebook lead ads work with almost any device.

We mentioned how they’re perfect for mobile, but they work seamlessly with virtually any device, from a user’s iPad to their home PC.

2 – Time savings are real.

Facebook lead ads allow real-time lead capture, and if you’re having them delivered immediately, you can respond quickly. If somebody wants a quote right now, you can provide it to them the same day, probably within a few short hours.

A person who is waiting to hear back from you all day may choose another business. When you get back to them in a few hours or less, they’ll know you’re available and care about making them a customer.

3 – Lead ads are versatile.

Different ads fill different purposes. You can have several ads going at once, using Facebook’s “instant form” to capture newsletter subscribers, requests for quotes, follow-up calls, and other essentials.

You can also laser-target your audience to the point that you’re able to entice customers that may have “liked” a similar business or competitor’s page.

4 – Lead ads have accurate information.

No more list rentals with outdated information. Facebook users are often fanatics, logging into the website and keeping it open all day. They update all types of demographic information daily, such as relationship status, phone numbers, and emails.

The instant forms that Facebook uses to capture the data you want are pre-populated with the information you’re collecting, and the user has the opportunity to verify.

5 – Lead ads will help you qualify your leads.

There are very few ways to qualify leads on-the-spot, and there’s nothing worse than having a boatload of prospects only to find out that most of them don’t have the budget or need for your product.

Lead ads let you ask your potential customers up to 15 standard questions (name, age, gender, etc.) and up to 21 custom questions (for example, deck measurements, budget, timeframes, etc.)

This robust system will let you collect leads like normal, but you’ll know which ones are “hot” immediately because you’ve got the specific information that will help you make a sale.

Capturing Lead Information You Need!

As you can see, Facebook lead ads not only help you capture information but also help you spend more time on selling and less time on searching for qualified leads. The more ads you deliver, the more leads you’ll get.

When you know what you’re doing, you’ll discover you’re saving time and money while new leads pour in every few hours or every day. You’re in control of the information, and you can take those leads and incorporate them with your CRM software like Salesforce.

Facebook lead ads are a great investment that don’t require a lot of time or money.

They do need a bit of education as you become familiar with the ads environment to learn how to put  Facebook lead ads together. Just like Facebook’s regular ad system, you can target customers, set a budget, and test ad responses against each other. It may take a little work, but when you get it right, the reward is always going to add to your bottom line.

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