Are you interested in capturing leads using social media? If so, Facebook lead ads might be a good choice for your next campaign. Lead ads are exactly what they sound like; an ad specifically tailored to capturing leads. Facebook (and Instagram, now owned by Facebook) has made it pretty easy to run these ads.

What Makes Facebook Lead Ads Different From Other Ads?

Lead marketing usually has a starting point and stopping point. In the first step, a person clicks an ad based on an offering, such as a free ebook, quote or access to exclusive offers. The second step it capturing the lead – your prospect fills out a form at the website, and you wait for the customers to arrive. This is the ideal situation, but it isn’t always so cut and dry when you’re trying to capture leads for your business.

The traditional process of collecting leads above doesn’t always go as planned.

Some people will try to browse the main website and click around without giving up their contact details. Others will forget or decide to not fill out the form, leaving you with bounce rates higher than your goals.

Unlike other ads that social media offers, lead ads specifically include a contact form within the ad itself. The information that you capture via Facebook will usually be pre-populated with the users’ data. Many Facebook users are verified, which makes you more likely to have the correct information. If not, the user has a chance to edit it.

The form, which Facebook calls an “instant form,” gives you a chance to follow up on any interested prospects rather than waiting for them to follow up with you. Businesses can use these ads for email list subscription opt-ins, follow-up calls and even quotes for potential customers.

Good Reasons to Use Facebook Lead Ads

  • You can ask questions. Instead of using a complicated form to survey your prospects, ask them a few custom questions as they sign up for your mailing list or other offers.
  • “Instant Forms” are included in your ad: You can ask for a user to take action directly, instead of directing them to your website for signup.
  • Lead capture is simplified. The forms are pre-populated with your lead’s information, which comes directly from Facebook and can be modified by the user if anything changes.
  • Leads are downloadable You can download all your leads from Facebook to integrate with into a spreadsheet or import them to your CRM software such as Salesforce.
  • CRM integration is available. There are a lot of platforms that are plugged into Facebook Lead Ads, making them easy to use in your direct mail, CRM and automation campaigns.
  • You can target leads like a laser. Just like other ads on Facebook, you can pinpoint your targeting based on all kinds of demographics, including targeting people who like your competitor’s Facebook page.
  • Lead ads feature real-time lead capture. As soon as you get a lead, you can download it or integrate it with your marketing software.

Facebook lead ads are an essential part of social media marketing, putting reaching potential customers front and center in your ad campaign. Eliminating the steps a person has to take when signing up for your offer can help increase the leads you get and allows you to respond in a time-sensitive manner, which is great for small businesses especially.

Facebook ad targeting gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to test ads against each other based on click-through and sign-ups. Facebook ads are a smart investment. Why not give them a try for your next marketing campaign?

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