Taking pride in all of our client projects.

Digital Marketing has become very complicated and there is no one size fits all!

Individualized Client Projects To Suit Your Needs.

The ThinkFlame® Team works closely with our clients to ensure we create the best project plans to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing With Purpose

The key to all of the client projects we work on, is our team is focusing on building assets that focus on the desired end result.

All client projects have an over reaching goal of business growth, but under that umbrella are a number of elements and campaign channels to achieve your goals.

Whether you are setting up your first website or diving into advertising, we work through a plan with a focused end result.

Goals Setting And Tracking

Digital Marketing can be hard to quantify if you don’t have clear goals to track. We work with you to set measurable goals so we can both track the results as we move forward.

Market Research

Sold research takes the guess work out of your marketing plan and campaigns. It helps us discover unexplored avenues to reach your potential customers.

Project Management

There are many moving pieces to any of our client projects. Our team works through a detailed plan that tracks resources, assets, information and deadlines to make sure everything is covered.

User Testing

The final step for any project is testing, both the functionality and the experience of the user ~ your customer.

The Cleaning Ladies

Karen Conchie reached out to us to help them achieve some aggressive growth goals. With activities from a web design refresh, new logo, and ongoing SEO to increase organic traffic & new lead generation, The Cleaning Ladies have seen a 40%+ increase in revenue within the first year. We are excited to help them continue to grow in the years to come.

Timeline: 2021 to Present


Buyer Persona Research

Responsive Design

Lead Generation

MP Benefits

Building a new brand and creating a unique user experience.

MP Benefits came to us with a definite goal in mind. They wanted to reinvent their brand and create a high-end invitation to businesses. Our challenge was to take the 3 main colors of their brand (Red, black, and accents of white) and create an inviting experience for their users and new visitors.

We closing collaborated with their team and after a number of designs possibilites, jumped in with the amazing design that brought all of the elements they wanted and gave their users a wonderful experience.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.
Steve Jobs

Ongoing Client Projects

We work on a variety of client projectss with a mix of one time projects like webdesign and ongoing marketing with the aim of business growth.

MADD, Edmonton Chapter

Facebook Management and Advertising

Timeline: (2017 to Present)

Brand awareness is very important for a non-profit organization like MADD.

The chapter in Edmonton Alberta approached us to help them grow their Facebook audience, grow general awareness for the local chapter, highlight sponsors, and increase participation of their fundraising events.

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘get the targeted and relevant traffic. – Adam Audette

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