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Getting ranked on Google and the other search engines can be difficult and confusing. So it is important to make sure you know where you are starting from.

The best way to get that solid start is with a complete audit of where your website stands right now.

Whatever your marketing strategy online, your website is at the heart of things. It doesn’t matter whether you’re concentrating on SEO or using other tactics such as social media optimization and PPC, either way, what matters is TRAFFIC.

An SEO website audit includes the following information:

  • Website Structural Analysis,
  • Website Content,
  • On-Page and Technical SEO Errors,
  • Warnings,
  • and Notices

You need to understand these to be able to improve the rankings of your website and make sure it is fully optimized.

Simply fill out the audit form and receive your detailed report within the next hour.

Did you know.... There are over 500 changes to Google’s algorithm each and every year?!

If your website isn’t right, you might as well be throwing your work in the trash. But here’s the thing: you can prevent that.


By getting the ThinkFlame audit and then acting on it. You can’t correct your site’s faults until you know what they are!

When you’re about to put resources into a marketing campaign, especially when SEO is involved, then your site really does need deep analysis. That way, we can help customize your campaign and give you the best possible site.

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