Landing Pages are designed to convert visitors into leads.

Normally, Landing Pages target a common concern or struggle your audience needs a solution for. You know the struggle, that’s why the content, product, or service offer showcased in the landing page has been crafted to be as appealing as possible. Your landing page needs to be specifically designed to help capture information and, eventually, convert leads into customers. But, sometimes, even the best pieces of content don’t seem to work as great magnets to bring in your audience. Which means you keep wondering: why?

What I’m going to say in the lines below might not be mind-blowing, but simply common sense. You may even have that little “aha” moment in your head while you read some of the tricks that have worked for me. You’ll be surprised how these small and simple tweaks can improve your conversion rate and fill your list with qualified leads in no time.

7 conversion Elements for your landing page

1. Specific Title

If you want the right people to land on your landing page, you have to be as specific as possible with the title:

  • Describe the problem you’re solving.
  • Explain what is the product, offer or service (cheat sheet, guide, ebook, consultation, tutorial, course…)
  • Use long-tail keywords to match your audience search queries.
  • Use your audience verbiage.
  • A title that accomplishes most of these guidelines is already halfway to the conversion.

Don’t worry if all this information makes your title very long, you can always use a subtitle to give more information and add more detail to the title.

2. Content, Product, or Service Image

Remember the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words?”. It’s true, especially in marketing. It has been proven that images convert more successfully than text, which is why it is so important to include a high-quality hero image of your product, service, or content offer.

An image will help your customers visualize the final end product or service and imagine themselves using it.

3. Highlight Benefits and Takeaways

Describe your content, product, or service offer. Give your audience some context and create a bullet point list of all the benefits they will get after consuming it. Show them what it’s going to be like owning your product.

4. Social Proof

Anytime somebody wants to buy something online, they reach out for reviews from other customers to manage their expectations and move from one purchase stage to another. Things like social proof, including reviews, ratings or downloads will help you gain your audience trust and move them one step closer to filling out the form.

5. Lead Capture Form

The most important item on your landing page. The form is the tool that allows you to capture lead information to get to know your audience better and eventually target them with valuable offers that will convert them into customers.

Forms can be a double-edged sword as they provide you with very valuable information, but, on the other hand, a form with a lot of fields it’s not likely to be filled by your audience.

The most important fields in the form are “name” and “email”. However, depending on your business type, you may also need to know their job position, their preferences, or their gender amongst others. In this scenario, ask what information will be useful for a high-level segmentation. You can always gather information through surveys and email behavior, so don’t be impatient and get one thing at a time. Remember that your goal for the landing page is to capture their email.

6. Landing Page Design

When designing a landing page, less is more. Make sure that you’re not adding unnecessary items to the page such as navigation menus, an overabundance of images, or links to other pages. Everything in the landing page must have the same purpose, move the visitor to the form and convert them.

7. Call to Action

Last, but certainly not least, the call to action. An actionable button that makes it very clear to your visitor what they are going to do (i.e. sign up, download, subscribe or schedule). Make it stand out from the other items on the site and drive attention to it.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and check your landing page, optimize it with these ideas and share your experience in the comments below.

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