Okay, let’s take an unofficial poll – everyone who has not yet explored publishing with LinkedIn, raise your virtual hand …

That’s what I thought. Most of us overlook LinkedIn when deciding where to publish content, and you are passing a great opportunity.

John Nemo put out a great article on why you need to be there and said this:

LinkedIn now curates the most popular content and feeds it out across its popular “Pulse” network, sorting and sharing member-created stories, videos and blog posts across a variety of “channels” that cover various industries, business topics and trends … Long story short, you need to be publishing on LinkedIn if you want to generate sales leads, add clients and increase revenue. (source article on bizjournal.com)

Now that it is open to the all LinkedIn users, it’s still something of an afterthought among content marketers. This is a shame, because publishing on LinkedIn is pay dirt for content marketers who know how to use it effectively.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should be putting great content onto this platform!

5 Reasons to post your content on LinkedIn!

1 – To establish authority –

Publishing before a community of professionals is a terrific way of becoming the thought leader you are seeking to be. This can help you in many ways, not only on LinkedIn in terms of added connections and influence, but in your industry and Google as well.

2 – Rework older content –

Recycling good but somewhat older content you have already published on your site is a great way to help boost authority and standing. Besides, most of the audience on LinkedIn probably missed it the first time around! You also have the opportunity to update it as well.

3 – Publish your content before a serious audience –

You’ll be able to find a more serious approach to your content on this platform. There’s not a lot of fluff traffic found here. You can also find gold by publishing to LinkedIn groups as well.

4 – Killer engagement –

People active on LinkedIn are highly engaged, and likely to comment and contact you if they see something that appeals to them.

5 – The possible viral effect –

One way LinkedIn publishers hit it big is when their content generates a response, LinkedIn may step in and promotes it on of their Pulse category pages, and it can climb even faster if they promote it on the home page itself! Accomplish that and you’ll be well on your way to authority status on LinkedIn and off!

Updated Dec 2019 & originally published March, 2017

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