7 Ways to make your welcome emails work for you

We all get them, welcome emails. But are you up to speed on how best to create your own for your subscribers?

What elements are necessary to not only welcome them but also feature what they can expect and what you have to offer them during their time with you?

Welcome emails tend to be opened at a pretty high rate, but it’s what you include in them that sets the stage for what’s to follow. Let’s take a look at 7 of the ways you can craft your emails for the best results.

7 Tips for crafting Welcome emails

1 – Don’t batch: send them immediately 

While it may be more server-efficient to batch your emails to send out together, its poor form to do so with a new subscriber. Demonstrate that you care a little by sending these right away.

2 – Use a reply email address 

Make sure this is included. Having a no-reply email only serves to show that you really don’t give a flip about them. Also, use a recognizable name in the “From” field; company name, etc.

3 – Test subject lines 

Email autoresponder software makes it super easy to split-test subject lines. Do this for better open rates!

4 – Use your social media channels 

Encourage your subscribers to follow you on your social media channels, and even help them by ensuring that you have links and buttons on your email template.

5 – Personalize 

It’s always best if you’re trying to develop some sort of relationship with your subscribers that you personalize the emails whenever possible. This, of course, means you’ll need to collect names.

6 – Perhaps offer an incentive 

Many times companies choose to include an incentive to get the relationship off on the right foot. Maybe a percent off coupon?

7 – Optimize for mobile 

Nowadays more than half of all emails are being read on a mobile device, so wouldn’t it be a good policy to use a responsive design so that your emails can be read anywhere, anytime?

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