You know that marketing is no easy task. Even a single campaign, let alone a single content offer, has an incredible number of component parts. Each of these parts needs to be optimized for maximum lead generation results.

Lead generation ideas to help kick start your next campaign.

Today, we are going to detail tips and tricks in five areas essential to successful inbound marketing:
  • offers,
  • calls to action,
  • lead capture pages (also known as landing pages),
  • forms,
  • and multi-channel marketing.
Check them out and see how your standard practices match up! Maybe it will help you with new (or old) lead generation ideas!


lead generation ideas

Making the Most of Your Content and Offers

1. The Element of Scarcity

When supply is limited, demand goes up. Use the psychological influence of scarcity to your advantage by offering limited-time and limited-quantity offers.

2. The Bandwagon Effect

People have an innate fear of missing out on the next big thing. When at all possible, confront prospects with the number of people who have already fulfilled the call-to-action.

3. Utilize Newsjacking

When a topic is abuzz in the media and social conversation, its traction can be leveraged into attention. Look for ways the news of the moment can serve to create interest in your campaigns.

4. Titles Matter

People do judge a book by its cover. Without a good title, quality content can fail. If your content seems to be under-performing, try A/B testing your titles.

5. Different Calls-to-Action for Different Stages in the Customer Journey

A single CTA, “contact us,” is reductive of the variety of prospects’ needs. Create different calls-to-action for customers who need more information to those who are ready to convert.

6. Avoid Corporate Buzzwords

Jargon phrases may sound nice, but they lack sincerity and customers know it. Avoid them at all costs, especially phrases meant for emphasis like, “cutting edge” or “mission critical.”

7. High-Value Offer Formats

Ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, and blog posts have a different value to your prospects. Test what content formats convert the most for your audience and make that a priority.

8. Nest Offers within Offers

Offers can be a site of lead generation all their own. Offers should include links and CTAs to related offers and content. They can even cite specific blog or social media posts about other offers, providing an opportunity for multi-channel user engagement.


Using social media to drive lead generation


Improving Your Calls to Action

9. High-Visibility CTA

Do not fall for the mistake of hiding your CTA in small font on the sidebar. It should be prominently placed where the eye can see it, so never put it (only) below the fold.

10. Clarity Over Persuasion

Do not obscure what your CTA is and what it offers, e.g. “Are You Ready to Succeed? Download Here.” Simple phrasing, e.g. “Download our Ebook on X,” makes the value of your CTA more clear to prospects.

11. Contrasting Colors

Your CTA should draw the eye, not blend into the background. Pick an appropriate color scheme that locates your CTA prominently in the foreground.

12. Dedicated Landing Pages

Your CTA should never link to your generic homepage, but rather to a specific landing page that allows for the CTA to be completed without further navigation.

13. Different CTAs for Different Products

Not all products require the same CTA. If one is better suited to a white paper, or if another would be well explained in a prerecorded webinar, provide different offers for each.

14. Utilizing Thank You Pages

After the CTA is complete and the prospect is converted, it is common to display a Thank You page. Use this real estate to promote related offers.


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