There are many place to go on the internet. Do you know how to find your customers online?

Everyone is online, it’s the screaming future we aren’t heading for it’s the screaming future we are already in. 

Facebook has over 2 billion active users. Even your grandma is on facebook. The exponential growth trend for internet users worldwide shows no signs of slowing down. If anything it is speeding up.

So you’re online, and your future customers are online. But where to find them?

  • One place to start is talking to your existing customers, conduct a little email survey, entice your users into giving up where they spend their time.  
  • You can also look at your competitors, they no doubt share the same demographics and consumer base as yourselves. If they are savvy they are building a presence and targeting with adverts the areas of the web that you need to be looking at.

A lot of this is common sense, take a look at your buyer personas, if you’re selling to the youth get to grips with Snapchat and Instagram, if you are a retailer for dog supplies, log into those dog owner forums. The internet is full of subcultures and groupings. Find your people and go to them.

Social media is increasingly where everybody spends most of their time online.

So go there, get on the socials apps. Yes, social media is one answer to how to find your customers online! 

The smart thing to do whether on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is to become part of a wider conversation. Create or repost quality, engaging, or even just funny content. Link to insightful or helpful articles. Respond quickly to user interaction, answer customer or potential customer questions.

Be human about.

Don’t spend your time in other people’s space boasting and bleating about how good your business or your product is.

Refreshing share worthy content is key, enable and contribute to conversations, be a positive presence, potential customers are much more likely to go with your business or brand if they associate you with a positive social media experience.

Find the channels, promote yourself in the right ways and your future customers will find you.

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