Here we are, writing blogs about blogs! So what is a blog exactly?

A blog is a web page written in a conversational format.

Basically what I am trying to tell you is that you can write a blog about anything and everything.

You’re probably asking yourself why in the hell would I write a blog or even read a blog.

Moment of silence for those reading this, just kidding.

Okay, jokes aside a blog is a nice way to:

  • educate the visitors to your website,
  • adding content to your website,
  • show your personality to your readers,
  • as well it strengthens your SEO (search engine optimization) because with your unique blogs that you write = unique content that is recognized.

So if you’re understanding the pattern here, there aren’t too many negatives to writing a blog.

The only negative you may have on writing blogs is actually keeping up with finding time in your schedule to write some effective blogs. Pumping out a blog once a week may not sound overwhelming but getting good traction from one blog can take time out of your busy week.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, what should your blog contain to get the traction you want?

The simple answer is anything your visitors want.

What Should Your Blog Be About?

If you are a Realtor and you want to write about the top 5 questions you should ask when buying a house, you most certainly can do so.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, writing a blog:

  • can be educational,
  • can be about who you are,
  • and what you want your readers to understand.

Most blogs should be around 800 to 1000 words for search engines to understand and build uniqueness to your website. It should include keywords that you want to drive across your website for people to find. As well once you post a beautiful blog, it can be found no matter how old it may be.

My goal is that if someone wants to learn how to write a blog, not only do they find this blog, but they learn about my personality as well.

I am a very “keep it simple type of guy”. I do not want to overcomplicate anything. I do not believe that anyone needs to be a professional writer or have the absolute proper terms to get traction.

If I am being completely honest with you, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs on how to write a blog. It doesn’t matter though, because I am writing to you about how I feel.

I am having a conversation with you through blogging.

How beautiful is that?

So you have written your amazing blog, now what?

  • How do you get people to read it?
  • Do I just post it on my website or do I send it out to a number of clients?
  • Where do I go?

This can be overwhelming, of course, but fear not, it can be simple as well. Getting traction to your blog is straightforward. The obvious answer is to add it to your website so your website gets more organic traffic flow to it. But don’t stop there:

  • Interact with your community through social media,
  • start an email campaign that you send out your informative blog to see who visits and reads it.

Not to be repetitive but let’s review the key points on what I think you should do on writing a blog.

  • Number one, be yourself in writing a blog. Readers want to know the type of business and person they are reading from.
  • Number two, be unique in your content. You have competition, this is not new to you but being yourself and showing what makes you different always inspires readers to be part of your community rather than your competition that is being cookie-cutter and basic.
  • Number three, have your educational points and keywords touch home for the specific readers you are targeting.

The example used earlier about Realtor’s show 5 questions about when buying a house. Keep the education to a level where you answer these questions as well as teach and keep your readers coming back for more of that amazing content you exposed to them.

This blog may be super obvious to some or complicated to others. Here at ThinkFlame, we help with all these digital marketing strategies and tips to help you grow. I want to help you grow and understand it all. So any questions on blogging please let me know.

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