LinkedIn can be a great source of leads and professional contacts when it is used properly.

Social selling can be powerful on LinkedIn as it sends four times as many leads directly to your website than both Facebook and Twitter combined, it’s time to take this platform seriously.

7 Easy to Make (and Correct) Mistakes on LinkedIn

Unfortunately, a lot of us are tight on time and already burdened with far too many tasks, don’t take the time to optimize our LinkedIn to be able to receive the full benefit it offers. Let’s attempt to help you change that right now.

LinkedIn Basic Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Poor or inappropriate picture Be sure that any photo you use is something that would benefit you in a business setting. Posting that fun picture from the cruise (that you don’t remember) may send a bad message.
  2. Blowing the headline This is your opportunity to tell the LinkedIn world what you do, in 120 characters or less. Don’t be vanilla and only list “Doctor”. Make your headline attention-grabbing, truthful, and inviting, all at the same time. Remember who you are trying to connect with and speak directly to them.
  3. Not Using the Summary Section With 2000 characters goes fast, so make sure you use them to tell your story in a way that invites connection. You can make this a mini-marketing showcase of your services and talents, and make the reader want to know all that they can about you. But make sure you are speaking to the visitor you want and highlight the information that will be important to them. A question that they would be looking for an answer is a great way to start.
  4. Not completing your profile This says a whole lot about your business in general, that you wouldn’t take the necessary time to complete your profile. So why would they take the time to connect with you? This is easy to rectify, so put it to work for you.
  5. Not including key links You need to be sure to include links to your websites, social media, chats, and any other ways you’d like to be contacted. Don’t make them have to go anywhere else to discover how to get hold of you quickly and easily.
  6. Sending spam LinkedIn is not a place to spam contacts with promotional offers and sales material. Everybody knows what spam looks like. If you wouldn’t start a conversation in person that way, don’t do it virtually. Don’t do it.
  7. Not coming around If you update your account once in a blue moon, people will view you as someone not serious about this platform, and consequently, of little interest to them. Don’t be that guy! Update frequently. Show interest and engage with the people you want to get to know and give them a reason to want to get to know you!

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