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It has probably come to your attention that headlines really do matter. We rely on them in most phases of our business these days, whether they are in the form of an ad, a blog post, a video, even an infographic. Your headline is arguably the most important part of your content, as it very often determines whether anyone proceeds any further. 

Want to write better headlines? Use these 7 tips!

This is certainly true when it comes to email, and advertising. Understanding how to craft a winning headline is a task that you simply must master for your business.

7 Ways you can write more effective headlines today using lists and numbers simply rock. People understand just what they’re getting, and it’s usually in a form they can easily digest: “3 Tips to Help You Drop 5 Pounds This Week!”

1. Hit their pain points

Hitting on the pain points your readers will help gain their trust, and they will be more open to any solutions you have to offer.

2. Be controversial; break the rules!

Don’t be afraid to share your opinions in a bold, audacious way. No one wants to read another milquetoast post anyhow!

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

These questions are frequently the same ones they are asking, and you can be the one to deliver a solution.

4. Keep your headline under 55 characters

This is so that not only will your entire headline show in Google search results, but also in the email subject line without being shortened.

5. Test your copy

As with most anything you write for the masses, for the best response you’ll need to test your headlines for effect. Sometimes one word can make a big difference in an email open rate, which can in turn directly affect your income.

6. Deliver value

Above all indicate in your headlines the amount of value they can receive. Don’t over-promise, but don’t be shy about extolling what you’ve got to offer!

Keep in mind that the over-arching purpose of any headline is to get the reader to the next step, whether that means opening an email, clicking a link or reading your content.

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