If you’ve started a blog for your small business you know the worst thing that can happen is that nobody reads it. I mean, that sorta defeats the purpose, am I right?

There are amazing advantages to having a lively and engaging business blog, chief among them are things like new leads, brand building, helping with search engine rankings and more.

5 Ways to Improve Online Visibility

Done poorly, it can be a virtual wasteland, where you’re the only person commenting on your own posts, and wondering just how foolish this looks to everyone.

To help get the blog going and create some momentum, many bloggers look to paid traffic to get the ball rolling. It can be a modest, yet wise investment. Let’s have a look at several places you can make this happen.

5 Of the best places to buy paid ads

1. Outbrain

You’ve seen these ads, usually following content on major websites. Outbrain’s Amplify is great for showcasing your best blog posts, and it carries the added benefit of getting your content on major sites with massive readership you might not have been able to otherwise.

(Tip: Partner this with a retargeting ad on Facebook for killer results!)

2. Facebook Ads

If you haven’t started using Facebook ads yet, you are definitely missing the boat. The most robust ad targeting available on the Web allows you to precisely target your ads, and get in front of precisely who you want to see to your pages!

3 . Google Adwords

The granddaddy of paid ads is still kicking, and can be useful mainly for their vast reach in online advertising. Care should be taken here not to get taken to the cleaners, however.

4. LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

This can be especially suitable for your blog post if you cater to professionals in any sense. These ads are taken more seriously than most and are a bit more expensive, even so, the nice thing is that there is an eager audience awaiting your great content.

5. Pinterest Promoted Pins

Pinterest has proven to be a powerhouse for eCommerce. It is visually driven and the primary audience is largely female. If you put it to work for you, prepare to have hordes of enthusiastic visitors descend upon your post!

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