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Admit it one of the passwords that you have used was your dog’s name or your spouse’s middle name or your child’s birthday …

Why Password Security Is So Important!

We have all done it and then used the same password over and over again … everywhere we need one. Life is busy and it is too hard to remember complicated passwords, let alone a different one for each of your every growing online accounts.

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This is where a password manager helps.

We use and recommend LastPass to all of our clients. Happily, it is free to use for a single account. There are other levels of accounts, but the free version will work for 90% of people using it.

Check it out here: LastPass

Password managers like LastPast will help you create complex passwords and will store them in a ‘vault’, then you only have to remember your ‘master’ password. Please do not make this the same password you used for all your accounts in the past. Create a new one and change it quarterly (monthly is better, but I know you won’t do that…).

~use mnemonics to create a master password~

For your master password, I’ve seen a number of great suggestions around using mnemonics: using letters from a string of words that will be easy for us to and adding a number or symbol to it.

Here’s an easy example: phrase from a favorite song and a number that is will be easy to remind yourself of.

Song: I’m walking on sunshine …
Number: My brother was born in 1980
Master Password: IWOS80

Ideally, the password should be at 8 to 12 characters long, but you get the idea. You can add symbols as long as you will remember them. So your Master would look like this… !IWOS+80

You can see how this would not be an easily guessed password, but still something you will remember. You can get apps to use LastPass on your mobile devices as well, so you don’t have to worry about getting confused trying to transfer complicated passwords when you want to hit your favorite social media sites on the go.

Passwords are part of a digital world and the marketing you do there.  It is worth taking the time to make sure they are secure.

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