Sales & Lead Generation the Old Fashion Way

It’s always interesting that older technologies frequently come back into vogue, even though many people think something like the telephone isn’t relevant anymore in the field of marketing.

In truth, it can still become a useful tool in online lead generation.

You’re starting to see more companies pick up the telephone and connect directly with prospective clients. The reason they do is they realize digital interactions don’t always work well. Marketing emails, for instance, can’t always give a personalized touch like a standard phone call can.

So how should you use phone calls for lead generation this year? Take a look at why the phone still matters and how you can close more deals using a phone this way.

Better Contact Rates

According to recent statistics, using the phone gives you 100% contact rates, which differs highly from web leads. In the latter cases, 71% of all contacts aren’t even followed up on.

Part of the problem is lead forms are often filled with missing or fraudulent information. Calling prospects on a phone gives you a chance to talk one-on-one to your leads so you don’t have to face the problem of missing information.

Response times are better as well since using the phone is more immediate. A prospect submitting a form leads to far slower response times, giving new points to the phone looking like new again.

Days and Times of the Week to Call Leads

Forbes noted back in 2012 that 71% of all online leads are usually wasted. They also recommend using the phone to contact leads, though only specific days.

According to their own data, the best time to call a lead is on Wednesdays or Thursdays since they’re usually the most available then. They also say between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. is usually the best time window to contact your leads. This is obviously because they’re coming home from work and more apt to answer the phone directly rather than going to voicemail.

Also, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. are the best times to qualify a lead or to set up an appointment with them.

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Reaching Out Within Five Minutes

HubSpot notes that if you can reach out to a lead within five minutes, you’ll be more apt to convert them. It’s here where you can combine the phone with the digital world.

Using something like a CRM platform, you can monitor how leads react to things online, then contact them immediately with some questions to see what they did to convert.

You might want to ask them a few things if they converted on any content you created. For instance, you may want to ask them how they found your content, or what their takeaway was.

Ask similar questions if they happened to convert on a webinar, or if they registered for a conference or event.

The Mobile-Friendliness of Using the Phone

Using the phone doesn’t have to mean old analog phones sitting on your desk. It can also mean using mobile devices for more immediacy. Filling out a lead form on a mobile device can take much longer than just talking directly with a prospect on the same mobile device.

The best way to catch leads is when they’re on the go so you can catch them during moments when conversions are more likely. Plus, you can catch them while you’re on the go so you don’t have to travel back to your office just to contact a lead.

You should also think of mobile as being a more personalized way to reach prospects. In certain industries that require a more personal approach, using the phone is still the best approach out there and a necessary part of the lead generation funnel.

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