All too often, brands try to turn their sales funnel into a single unified experience. Sure, it would be convenient if every customer wanted the exact same things and was motivated by the same material, but this just isn’t true.

4 Strategies to Personalize your Sales Funnel

Some of your potential customers are looking for the best price, some are looking for the best warranty, some are looking for the best record of customer service because they expect to need a little help. Sometimes you can’t even predict what your customer is truly seeking without asking them, like those who want only products that come in their precise favorite color.

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If you’ve been wondering how to optimize your sales funnel conversion rate, you may be able to see improvements with system-wide changes but the true key to converting customers is to personalize the experience, not generalize it.

Fortunately, with modern technology, it is possible to turn even an automated system into a boutique shopping experience in which your chatbots, email automation, and customer service team work together to help each customer find exactly what they are looking for. Let’s look at a few very effective strategies to personalize your funnel.

1 – Concierge Live Chat

Live chat is an incredibly common tool implemented in many thousands of business websites, but what matters is how you use it. Rather than simply creating an open channel to customer service or manning it with a lead-qualifying chatbot, tune up your live chat service to offer a concierge shopping experience. Offer both new and return customers the opportunity to have products picked out for them, get opinions and advice on their choices, and make a new friend through the live chat interface. While most e-Commerce and online service shopping is impersonal and one-size-fits-all, you can turn your live chat into a unique and gratifying experience.

2 – Customizable Accounts and Profiles

It’s surprising how few businesses make use of their opportunity to provide customers with accounts. People are used to making accounts, they do so without even thinking about it, and the way they casually build their profiles can give you more lead qualifying and CMS targeting data than any IP vague analytics assessment. Accounts can also give your customers a chance to personalize their own shopping experience. Let them choose a color template for the entire website, the live-chat window, and their own profile page. Give them an avatar for customer service contacts, product reviews, and forum communications, and get creative with membership perks.

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3 – Personality Quizzes and Suggestions

It may sound silly, but most people love to take a quiz, especially if it tells them something about themselves at the end. What your lunch preference says about your personality or the best products for your summer plans are the kinds of quizzes people take for fun on the internet with or without your intervention and throwing these opportunities into your email and website content like a mini-game may win you a few extra clicks. But more importantly are the answers they give. While the quiz may be built for a laugh, there is a lot of value to knowing your customer’s favorite colors, animals, holidays, and product styles. Be sure not to just send out the quizzes and collect data, turn this into deals and special offers then let your customers know that their quiz participation was the inspiration for your enhanced personalized service.

4 – Personal Customer Service Assistants

Modern consumers have gotten used to the idea that they will be dealing with customer service robots on the phone, in live chat, and through automated emails. But they don’t necessarily like it. Even better than connecting your customers directly to a human customer service agent is connecting them to the same customer service agent every time.

Bring back that warm delightful feeling of shopping in a little boutique venue where the staff remembers your name, size, and favorite colors every time you walk in the door. Use your CMS to make sure customers meet their ‘friends’ in customer service each time they connect and ask their assigned agent to be the sender of personalized emails like birthday greetings and invitations back after a long absence. This is, perhaps, the most personal connection of all.

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