Website design stands still for no one.  It is constantly evolving and adapting to user tastes and habits. Your website’s design has to do the same thing, or your company risks getting left behind.  Attracting visitors to your site is the first challenge.

The second one is getting them to complete a desired action, like filling out a form, downloading a free report or purchasing an item.

This is why great website design is so important. It engages your visitors and encourages them to do what you want them to do.  If your site is not performing as it should and not giving your users a great experience every time, then it is time to consider a new design.  Here are five cutting-edge design trends that probably no one has told you about.

5 Things to Update on Your Website Design

1. Richer Colors For Your Website

For years website designers have stuck with web safe colors.  These are 216 solid, consistent colors that display the same way in any web browser.  As a result, most websites have looked the same, with somewhat ordinary (boring) color schemes.

Now with new tools, designers are becoming more adventurous and creating bolder, more saturated website color palettes.  These richer colors attract attention and resonate with users on an emotional level in ways that traditional color schemes do not.

2. Web Design with Asymmetrical Layouts

Not only have websites all had the same basic color schemes over the years.  They have all also been designed with symmetry in mind, meaning that the content is laid out on a grid.  This keeps things looking nice and neat, with text and pictures lined up alongside each other in little boxes.

Things started to change in 2017 when website designers began experimenting with asymmetrical layouts.  The trend is only gaining speed, particularly as responsive design has exploded.  Sites are now built to look good on any device, giving designers the courage to create layouts that do not fit into little boxes. These new designs engage users and make for a more interesting website experience.

3. Animations To Provide Interest On Your Website

Thanks to smartphones, the attention span of the average human is now only eight seconds.  This means that when someone comes to your website, time is short.  You have to grab his attention fast.

Animations are one way to do this because they pique visitor interest.  They can convey complicated concepts in less time, keep a user entertained while he is waiting for a page to load and give a website more personality. If your website is still using static images, it is time to think about switching to moving pictures.

4. Enhance Your Website With Illustrations and Infographics

These are not new media elements, but they are becoming more popular.  This is because not only do we humans now have an extremely short attention span, we also have no time to read. We are constantly on the go, scanning websites, skimming emails and always moving onto the next shiny thing.

This is where illustrations and infographics come into play because they convey information in visually appealing, easy to understand formats.  They let a site get its message across without making users plow through paragraphs of text. The faster visitors find what they want on a site, the happier they are.

5. Video Storytelling Helps Draw Your Visitor Into Your Story

Telling a story to bring in new customers is all the rage.  The idea is to create an honest, emotional connection with your audience.  If your visitors like and trust you, then they will want to buy from you.

One way to tell a story is with video.  Just like humans respond to color and animation, they also respond to video. In fact, the average website user spends 88% more time on a website with a video than one without a video.

What kind of video should you produce?  Testimonials from satisfied customers, interviews with people in your field and behind the scene looks at your company are just a few that build trust with users.

Design That Enhances Your Vistor’s Experience

Ensuring that your website creates a great user experience is key to generating more leads. No one will tell you that your site is out of date, but you will know it if users leave too soon and never return. Implementing richer colors, asymmetrical design, animation, illustrations and video storytelling are just a few ways to modernize your site, improve visitor experience and generate more business.

If you have questions or need guidance, please contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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